About us

We offer direct to our customers custom made cardboard face masks personalised with your photos,  we provide everything needed from start to end,  we offer fully cut face masks,  self cut DIY masks where you just cut around the face however you like, we also offer fully finished Ready to Wear face masks straight out of the package, these cost more but everything is done for you, simply take them out of the packaging and put them on, the elastics are fitted on the rear of the masks so you don't see the elastics tied on at the sides like out others. We supply masks with a choice of elastics or sticks, all masks arrive with all the holes punched where needed, provided with elastics ready cut to length or with sticks ready to peel off the double side tape and apply to the rear of the masks, simple.  

We also offer Face Buntings and Photo Party Hats,   our buntings are prints of the face (just like the masks) cut around with holes punched at the top of the print for you to slide on to the provided ribbon, you have a choice of adding a special message to hang up with the faces, each letter or number is individually cut out again with holes punched to slide on to the ribbon, you choose the font colour. 

Our Photo Party Hats are unique, you provide us with up to 5 different photos,  we remove the backgrounds and arrange the images around the party hat,  you choose a preset background, font colour,  add a special message and we do the rest,  again these arrive with the elastics supplied cut to length, you just fold one corner to the other and stick down both edges, tie on the elastics and they are ready to wear.